By currently being an Expert Provider, you can become an Exclusive Provider by completing the following steps. 


1. From the Provider About pageclick on the Exclusives tab.   




2. You will now be on the Exclusives page and see an "Add Offers" button. Click on the circle with the blue plus sign. 




3. A window will then pop up with the following fields; Rate, Time, Discount, ServiceEnter the corresponding information for each of the fields. Please NOTE: The Discount Rate must be between 10%-50% to be accepted.   

4. The Additional Discounts field is to share discounts off of workshops, programs, products and specialty services. To edit this field, click and enter the correlating information. 


5. After the previous steps have been completed, click the "ADD OFFER" button to finalize the entered information. 

6. Once all of the previous steps have been completed the result will resemble the example below.

For a video of the provided information, please see below.