Welcome to the Wellistic Community as a Member. In this section, we will explain the Wellistic community and what it means for you as a Member to be part of the community. 

When we look to understand the Wellistic community, we see it best described as; A feeling of fellowship with "others" that are focused on supporting a greater physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual wellness. In this context, the word "others" includes; Providers, Members, Companies, Wellness Partners. Each of the pillars in the Wellistic Community, benefit from one another and drive an overall more health-centric society.  

Being a Member allows you to be a driving factor in assisting your friends, family, colleagues, and overall community make decisions on their health and well being. By recommending and leaving an insightful review for a business you've visited, you are helping to educate the people in your Wellistic social network about the quality of your experience with that particular business. A person can read 10 reviews from a stranger or one review by a peer they know and trust. The latter is more meaningful. In this community, Members can search for and find health and wellness businesses and reviews to ensure they are finding the right fit for whatever may ail them or objective they are aiming to achieve. Being a Member also allows you to grow a better understanding of many treatment modalities through blogs that are supplied by some of the providers on Wellistic. 

As an Elite Member, you will be able to visit your favorite participating business at a discounted rate. The savings on these services start at 10% and go up from there.

See: How do I become an Elite Member for further details.