Welcome to the Wellistic Community as a ProviderIn this section, we will explain the Wellistic community and what it means for you as a Provider to be part of the community. 

When we look to understand the Wellistic community, we see it best described as; A feeling of fellowship with "others" that are focused on supporting a greater physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual wellness. In this context, the word "others" includes; Providers, Members, Companies, Wellness Partners. Each of the pillars in the Wellistic Community, benefit from one another and drive an overall more health-centric society.  

By being a Provider in the Wellistic Community, through technology, you are connecting to patients/clients in meaningful ways. Whether it's through, your profile page, blog posts or direct messages received, you play a pivotal part in the community. Your experience and expertise will be a key building block for the success of the community and resulting greater health and wellness for all its members.