Providers who are on the Expert Plan can elect to grow their business further by offering a discounted flat rate for Elite Members. Corporate employees will view this as their corporate rate. This rate should be a discounted rate off of your commonly used service. For example, if you are a counselor then you would discount your out-of-pocket cash rate on counseling sessions. For a chiropractor or a massage therapist, the discount rate would be on a regular chiropractic visit or massage therapy session. The discount rate should reflect ongoing services NOT introductory or first time or new patient rates. The goal is to not create a deal-of-the-day type experience or a one-time offer. Discount rates should be 10% – 50% off your ongoing rate. Once you enter in your Exclusive Provider rate, you can also add in any additional offers underneath it.

See: How do I become an Exclusive Provider? for further information