Your patients or clients are speaking about you (hopefully). You don’t always get to be part of the conversation though. However, reviews bring you in that conversation. You may not agree with every review, but now you have a chance to address the concern. Note – we encourage Members to approach you directly with their concerns before submitting a negative review. They may or may not act on that suggestion. Here are some tips in handling reviews:

  • Don’t reply to them all. You’ll just look defensive. So pick your moments. A good reason may be if there was some misunderstanding or an external cause to the issue raised.
  • Don’t reply when you’re feeling emotional about the review. Isolate any factual or concrete issues raised and reply in a professional manner.
  • As always – be very careful not share any confidential or protected information.

A negative review is an opportunity to highlight the overall service you provide which includes customer service. These finer distinctions make you stand out to potential new patients or clients. We encourage Members to not judge the issue but rather how well the issue was handled.