There are 5 ratings on the Wellistic platform. You rate on four categories which then rolls up to an overall rating. The four categories to rate your Provider are as follows:

  • Empathy: Did you feel the Provider not only gave you attention but also took the time to understand where you were coming from and the issue you that brought you in for their service? Empathy can be very subjective but we feel in the people-helping business, it’s a fundamental that will separate the top Providers from the mediocre.
  • Skilled: Did you feel the Provider knew their stuff? Did they come across competent and professional in their respective specialty? Did they use care and respect in how they approached you? Did you feel they also had good people skills i.e. building rapport, listening, asking relevant questions, digging deeper, seeing you as a whole person and explore your life circumstances and factors that may be impacting you?
  • Helpfulness: Did you feel the Provider was helpful in helping you better understand what you were experiencing? Did your Provider suggest other treatment options to complement the current specialty? Did your Provider suggest assignments or tips for self-care to better assist you?
  • Results: Did you feel you got the results you were after? If not, do you feel the suggested treatment plan is moving you towards better health, healing, and/or well-being? Are you making progress?

We suggest you be really selective with your ratings. Take a pragmatic approach, setting aside emotions either good or bad, and consider what would be meaningful for a friend or colleague if they were to see your rating. With this mind, we expect to see most Providers receiving 2, 3, or 4 stars with the rare exceptions being a 1 star and 5 stars.