There are many factors that make up a good review. Some tips are available below:

  • Providing a personal experience / Telling your story
  • Truthful accounts based on factual information
  • Detail, detail, detail
  • Written with the goal of providing helpful and relevant information
  • Passion about the topic. (But please, refrain from profanity and hatefulness).
  • Well-formatted. Lengthy reviews are good, but remember to use multiple paragraphs to improve readability.
  • Free of spelling and grammatical errors
  • Avoid bad habits such as writing in all caps and using excessive exclamation marks

Reviews will be broken down to reflect the three components of a visit. The Check-in, the Provider Visit Experience, and the Check-out.

In all three areas, consider what you liked as well as what you didn’t like and what could have been done to improve the experience for you. Reviews should serve multiple purposes:

  • An expression of your experience with a specific business,
  • Meaningful insight into what an experience may be like for another Member visiting this business, and
  • Valuable feedback to the business to continuously improve their practice and overall client experience.